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Gem Torch

Gem Torch

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Our favorite flashlight for gems and minerals! We use this light all the time and have had so many people ask where to get one. So we reached out to Roa MineralWorks and were able to get more to share with our customers!  

One side has a flashlight with multiple settings and the other side has 2 strengths of longwave UV light for your fluorescent specimens. It is so handy having this all in one light. I have went through so many lights and this is a true workhorse of a flashlight. Roa MineralWorks also backs this product with a 2 year warranty. So you can reach out to us if you have any issues.

These second generation and freshly upgraded Roa MineralWorks gem torch features four (4) spectrums of light (Natural light, Daylight, 365/395 nm and upgraded ZWB2 filter.)

ROA Mineralworks gem torch includes 2 concentrator tips 8.5mm and 5mm for smaller specimens and facet rough.

It is now direct plug in rechargeable (battery removal for charging not required.) Up to 10 hours of light fully rechargeable with straight plug in (charger is included.)

The ultimate light for gem enthusiasts and dealers. Other torches light up, ROA Minerworks gem torches SHINES above the rest!!

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