How to Participate in a Live Sale

Our live sales are one of the best ways to choose the exact stone you want and get first access to limited edition collections! 

How to Participate

  • All of our live sales take place on our instagram page @newmoonminerals. When we go live just click on our profile image while it is lit up with the "live" button around it.
  • We will go through the table from left to right.  To claim an item comment the number (which is the price in US dollars) and letter.  The first comment on our screen receives the item. Note- The order will show up differently on our screen than yours. You will always look like your own comment was first if it was close.  So make sure you listen to who we announce.
  • Only claim an item if you are going to purchase it.  Your claim is a commitment to purchase. You cannot put back items that you have claimed or you could be blocked from participating in future sales. 
  • We will list live sale purchases on our website after the sale.  We will post on our story when listings are up!
  • You can find your listing on our website under the Live Sale Listings section. It will be a custom product under your Instagram handle.  You just add your custom product to your shopping cart and checkout with it.  If you want other items on the website, just add them all in your cart with your listing and it will all be combined when we ship! 
  • You must pay for your listing within 24 hours of being posted or your items could be released and you will be blocked from future live sales.
  • While you are checking out, you can select to pick them up at our physical retail location, or have them shipped.  
  • Once your listing is paid, your items will ship within 3 business days.  We ship very quickly, so it is often shipped the same or next day! But give us 3 days just in case it was a busy sale week.

Open Box

  • We do have an Open Box program.  This is where you can purchase crystals in our live sales, or limited collections from our website and wait to have them shipped.  This is often used when people want to claim a few items as they become available but ship them all together to save on shipping costs.
  • To learn more about the Open Box program click here