How to Participate in a Live Sale

What is a Live Sale?

Live sales are where we go live on Instagram with a selection of crystals you can purchase. You get to shop in real time and see the exact item you are purchasing. Think of it like a crystal version of QVC but much more interactive! We have tons of fun, answer questions and do giveaways throughout the live!

We typically go live every Wednesday at 11am EST, but keep an eye on our IG page for the most up to date schedule. We do sales on other days occasionally as well!

You will claim your stones over live feed and we will let you know who receives the item if multiple people claim the same stone. Then all of your purchases are totaled up and we put a custom listing on our website for you. All you have to do from there is add the listing to your cart, with anything else from our website you might want to add, and checkout! It is super easy and if you are new we have a wonderful community of crystal lovers who are on the live and can help you get the hang of it! 

How to Participate

  • We post a scan of the entire table and save it to our story highlights before the live sale. You can go here to see what will be on the live and the order we will be going in (we go from left to right on the table).
    Table Scan
  • All of our live sales take place on our instagram page @newmoonminerals. When we go live just click on our profile image while it is lit up with the "live" button around it.
  • We will show the items on our table from left to right. Each item will have a number and a letter. The number is the price in US dollars.
  • To claim an item comment the number and letter.  The first comment on our screen receives the item. Note- The order will show up differently on our screen than yours. You will always look like your own comment was first most of the time.  So make sure you listen to who we announce.
  • Only claim an item if you are going to purchase it.  Your claim is a commitment to purchase, it is like going through the checkout. 
  • After we finish the live sale we will add up all your purchases and put a custom listing on our website. The item will be titled with your instagram handle.
  • You can find your listing on our website under the Live Sale Listings section. It will be a custom product titled with your Instagram handle.  Add your listing to your shopping cart.  If you want other items on our website, you can add them to your cart as well and it will all be combined when we ship! 
  • You must pay for your listing within 48 hours of it being posted or your items could be released and you will be blocked from future live sales.
  • Once your listing is paid, your items usually ship within 1 business day!  Up to 2 days during busy times.

Open Box

  • We do have an Open Box program.  This is where you can purchase crystals in our live sales, or limited collections from our website and wait to have them shipped.  This is often used when people want to claim a few items as they become available but ship them all together to save on shipping costs.
  • To learn more about the Open Box program click here

What if I miss a Sale?

After we go through the entire table, we restock anything we have more of and start a new live video.  We then go through the table a second time. You can shop live during this recap, but we also save the replay of it. You can watch the replay on our Instagram anytime (on our reels tab) and send us a DM on Instagram to inquire about anything you saw in the recap.  Just let us know the number, letter and kind of crystal. You can fast forward to the sections you want to see in the recap video by sliding your finger at the bottom of the screen.

Live Sale Shopping for International Customers

  • International customers can also shop our live sales! 
  • When you claim on our live the first time, let us know you are an international customer. This allows us to mark your order for international processing and weigh your items when we list them. If you forget during the live, just send us a DM right after the sale.
  • Shipping cost will depend on location, package weight, duties and taxes.
  • If you want to get an idea of shipping cost to your country ahead of the live sale, add some items from our website to your shopping cart. Keep in mind the weight of the items you are adding. For example if you think you would get a few palm stones on a live, add a few palm stones from the site to your cart to get a more accurate estimate based on weight.
  • When you get to checkout you will see your shipping options and quotes.
  • Due to duty, tax and customs calculations that need to be made, international orders are currently not eligible for the Open Box program.