Mystery Box

Mystery Box

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Mystery Box's are a great way to get surprises that might not even be available on the website! We will intuitively pick you a set of crystals based on your selected amount.  It could be ANYTHING so only select this if you want to be very surprised!!!!!  You could get tumbles, carvings, towers, spheres, palm stones, raw pieces and more. We will also make sure you get an incredible value, so the retail value will always be more than what you paid.

If you have any preferences, feel free to leave us a message in the order notes on the cart page. We will do our best to pick based on what you tell us.

Some examples of what you can leave in the order notes:  Crystals for love, I prefer raw crystals, I love palm stones and tumbles, I would like larger items, I would like more smaller items, I would like crystals for protection, I love purple, etc.

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