Open Box

Open Box Program

We have an open box program where you can purchase items, but wait to have them shipped.  We would hold all your purchases for you and ship them together when you are ready.

Who would benefit from an open box?

Many of our live sale shoppers will shop multiple live sales in a row, but wait to have the multiple orders shipped together. This is a great option if you only grab one or two items in a live sale but don't want to ship just a couple items.

How to Start and Add to an Open Box

  • Enter the discount code OPENBOX at checkout.  This will remove the shipping charge from your order. When we see this, we will hold your purchase and start your open box for you. 
  • You will still input a shipping address, we will use this for when we ship out your box. (Do not select in store pickup for an open box, this option means we deliver your order to our retail store for pickup)
  • In the order notes, on the cart page,  leave a comment that you are starting a new open box.
  • If you don't have a live sale listing in your cart (an order with all website items), make sure you leave a note with your instagram handle so we know which open box to add it to.

How to Add to an Open Box

  • To add to your existing open box you would continue to enter the discount code OPENBOX at checkout and we will just keep adding to your open order.
  • In the order notes, leave a comment that you are adding to an existing open box.
  • If you are adding a website order that doesn’t contain a live sale order, make sure to note what your live sale handle is in the notes. Open boxes are filed under your instagram handle. 

How to Close an Open Box

  • If the total of your box is over $99 you will get free shipping.  To close a box with free shipping you will still use the OPENBOX code to take off the shipping charge.  Then leave a note in the order notes that you want to close and ship your open box.  If you forget to put it in the notes just message us at @newmoonminerals on instagram or email that you are ready to close your open box.
  • If it is under $99 you will have to pay the $5 flat rate shipping on your last order.  When we see shipping is paid we will ship your box. Leave an order note you are ready to close and ship when you submit your last order as well.

Open Box Policies

  • You pay for each order as you go, live sale purchases would still be due in 24 hours.  An open box is not an open invoice, you still have to submit payment to have the item kept in your open box.
  • We will keep your box open until we hear from you.  Once you use the code OPENBOX your order will go into our open box area of the warehouse, where we add to it until you let us know you want to ship.
  • We will hold an open box for up to 2 months, after that we will contact you to ship.  If you do not hear back from you after 2 attempts your open box items will be released and payments made will not be refundable.
  • Please Note: When you use the code OPENBOX your order will not be shipped until we either see an order note to close your open box or you contact us to ship.