Iolite with Sunstone Tumble

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One of the most unique tumbles we have in stock. These tumbles each have that awesome Sunstone flash inside the dark purple Iolite stone. You will receive one Iolite tumble intuitively selected for you.  

Iolite is a stone that is known for bringing inner vision to oneself. It is a great stone to use during meditation, opening up the visionary centers and assisting us with communing with other realms. It also enhances our creative expression of higher information. Iolite gives us the strength to come up with solutions to our emotional problems, and gives us hope in difficult circumstances. This stone encourages a positive, calm and clear mind during times of adversity.

  • Chakras: Third eye

Sunstone brings forth a sense of personal power, freedom, and expanded consciousness often giving the person a strong sense of leadership. It is known to dissolve away any feelings of unworthiness that can keep us from being who we truly are.

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral
*Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Your stone will come with a crystal meaning card.  If you purchase more than one of the same stone and need multiple meaning cards please let us know in the order comments.

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