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Smells Like Pressed Candle

Smells Like Pressed Candle

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In addition to running New Moon Minerals, we own a retail store in Fayetteville, NC called Pressed! In our store we carry lots of crystals (of course), but we have so many more treasures inside.

If you've walked into our store and wondered if you could bottle that amazing scent and keep it always, well now's your chance! If you have never been to the store, this candle is a special way to experience the signature scent you get as you walk in our front door.

New Moon Minerals teamed up with our retail store to create a very special collaboration candle with The Pastel Botanica. Our "Smells Like Pressed" candle will make you feel like you are right in our shop!  This 9 oz. White Sage, Rosemary, Palo Santo and Lavender soy candle will keep your space smelling fresh, bright, clean and uplifting!

The candle is topped with bits of White Sage and eco friendly glitter, and a beautiful mix of flashy Labradorite, and Pakimer Diamonds that you can keep and add to your collection of crystals! Comes in an 9oz. glass amber vessel, that you can repurpose after use for crystal storage, a planter and more!

If you haven't heard of our retail store yet, make sure to check out

Labradorite: A gemstone of magic. It enhances psychic abilities and activates the inner eye. Let it illuminate the path to your destiny in times of change and transformation as it helps you release fears and trust your inner magic. It also brings a sense of excitement and adventure while being protective against negativity as you explore the expanded states of the universe.

Pakimer Diamond: A powerful stone thats great for healing work and keeping your vibrational energy high.  Pakimer Diamonds are actually high vibrational double terminated quartz and are similar to Herkimer Diamonds, but instead of being mined from Herkimer, NY, these pieces are found in Pakistan. The natural double termination, makes this a great tool for recieving and transmitting energy.

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