Raw Ruby Corundum Hexagons with Record Keepers

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You will receive one Raw Ruby Corundum Hexagons intuitively selected for you. Each one has its own record keepers on the face of the Ruby. It is said that record keepers have a very unique energy, and can be identified by either raised or sunken triangles on the crystal. 

Ruby is known to stimulate the root chakra and brings us additional life force. It amplifies our passions, allowing us to pursue our aspirations and desires. This stone also assists us in ridding the feeling of hopelessness, providing us with optimism and determination to accomplish life's difficult goals.

  • Chakra: Root

*Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Your stone will come with a crystal meaning card. If you purchase more than one of the same stone and need multiple meaning cards please let us know in the order comments.

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