Raw Fluorite Octahedron

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You will receive one raw Fluorite octahedron intuitively selected for you. The color varieties that these octahedrons come in are green, purple, and some are even a mix of both. These stones naturally form into these diamond shapes.   

Measures approx.: 15 - 20mm
Weighs approx.: 5  10 Grams

Fluorite creates order out of chaos. Clears confusion, scattered thoughts and mental fog while bringing focus and concentration. Great for learning and studying. If you have many creative ideas, fluorite will help you pick one, commit to action and create a plan with the steps needed to accomplish it.

  • Chakra: All

*Each stone will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Your stone will come with a crystal meaning card. If you purchase more than one of the same stone and need multiple meaning cards please let us know in the order comments.

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