Labradorite Coffin

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These high quality Labradorite coffins are a spooky addition to any collection! Add them to your mini crystal collection or use them to make some gorgeous jewelry. 

  • Each piece has gorgeous flash
  • Approximately 1-1.5 inches tall and .5-.75 inches wide. 
  • You will receive one coffin intuitively selected for you. 

Labradorite is the gemstone of magic. It enhances psychic abilities and activities the inner eye. Great for times of change and transformation as it helps you release fears and trust your inner magic. It also brings a sense of excitement and adventure while being protective against negativity.

  • Chakra: All

*Each item will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Your stone will come with a crystal meaning card. If you purchase more than one of the same stone and need multiple meaning cards please let us know in the order comments.

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