Kunzite 6-8mm Bracelet

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These Kunzite bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! Kunzite is known for being a rare stone and each bracelet has that beautiful light purple color to it. Each bracelet ranges in size from 6mm to 8mm.   

Bead Size: 6mm - 8mm
Wrist Size: 6.5 inch

Kunzite is a stone known for awakening the heart to love. It opens the heart to feelings of self love, interpersonal love, the love for animals and so on. Using this stone assists us with being a kinder, gentler person throughout our days. Because this stone is known for awakening the heart, it encourages us to awaken our mind to be more loving to those around us. Kunzite is a great stone for releasing our resistance in life.

  • Chakras: Heart

*Each bracelet will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern.

*Wrist size is circumference of bracelet when not stretched.  Bracelets can stretch to fit most wrists. 

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