Blue Onyx Cube

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You will receive one Blue Onyx cube intuitively selected for you. These tumbled cubes are perfectly imperfect, so each one is not a perfect cube but a unique chunk of Blue Onyx! 

Measures Approximately: 18 - 24 mm
Weighs Approximately: 16 - 38 Grams

Blue Onyx: A stone of strength. This stone is known for giving us the energy for self mastery. It helps us control, focus, and direct our own will, giving us an increase in our personal power. Onyx is a grounding stone, which helps us to stay focused and complete our own tasks. By bringing us down to earth, it is great for teaching us that the most important control is self control.

  • Chakras: Root, Throat 

    *Due to these being natural stones, each piece will vary slightly in pattern and color.  If you have any color preferences (Darker Cube, More Banding etc.) feel free to add them in the order notes and we will do our best to pick a stone perfect for you!

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